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General Purpose Buoyancy Engine

A general purpose buoyancy engine developed for system integrators of marine platforms. This compact reciprocating engine will adjust any platform’s volume by 4 L to allow it to hover down to 2000 m depth. Programmable behavior allows profiling multiple depths with surface intervals.

Integrates with a BluePrint SeaTrac modem/USBL for surface tracking and control. Auxiliary sensor DAQ enables logging and RTCC timestamp synchronization. The standard configuration integrates into a 17” glass sphere however the OEM kit allows easy integration into alternative housings (eg. cylindrical). Simple RS-232 interface allows the engine to be controllable in several modes including open-loop flow control, volume control, velocity control, or depth control.

High depth and velocity feedback control to allow precision sampling with programmable hibernation modes reducing power consumption and maximizing endurance. Programmable depth and velocity profiling possible.

Energy Aware Battery System

A modular smart-battery for ocean observer platform applications. This battery system provides continuous power with cell and pack monitoring. Integrated model-based state of charge estimation ensures the pack is disconnected only after its state of charge reaches <3%.

An integrated power-path controller allows this pack to be used in conjunction with one or more battery modules enabling efficient load switching to the with the highest state of charge. The standard package comes installed in a 17” glass sphere. An OEM Kit includes a sphere mounting hardware allowing installation in a standard 17” sphere.

Lighting for Observer Platforms

Low-cost high-performance linear LED arrays. Utilizing high color rendering index LED elements with stunningly bright results at any depth. Linear arrays come in multiple sizes to meet user space constraints and power requirements. Simply provide a 24 VDC source to provide electrical integration (no current driver needed). Applications include ROVs, video landers, and cinema dive lighting.

General Purpose Deep Water Cameras

A budget friendly deep water camera for HD Imaging applications. This underwater camera system provides high quality imaging capabilities at up to 1000 m depth through a standard webcam interface. The system includes camera, lens, housing, flatport, and USB underwater cable. Source code is provided to allow easy image capture on an embedded linux platform (eg. nVidia Jetson).

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