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Ocean Fisheries Surveys

The pelagic zone contains some of the largest living communities on Earth. This oceanic realm supports an ecologically diverse community that participates in daily migrations between the epipelagic (0-200 m) down well into the mesopelagic (greater than 500 m). This community plays a critical role in the balance of global carbon yet is remarkably difficult to study efficiently. With an increasing global interest in exploiting these deep sea resources as a significant source of protein, gaining a better understanding of how these communities are structured and how they vary across space and time is of critical importance. Second Star Robotics platform technology has been tailored to allow precision sensor and camera placement within these scattering layer communities.

Ocean Soundscape Measurement

The study of how sound propogates through the ocean often requires precise in-situ measurements. A better understanding of oceanic acoustics has benefits for academia, marine-conservation, and defense.

As a nearly vibrationless platform, Second Star Robotics’ platform solution is uniquely suited to the application of acoustic data collection due to its deep-diving capability and long endurance. Platforms can carry orthogonal hydrophone arrays or be used in a large distributed synchronized array. Observation can be transmitted to satellite and batteries recharged during surface intervals.

Carbon Flux Monitoring

The biological carbon pump is a collection of processes that our ocean uses to absorb and release atmospheric carbon. By utilizing long-endurance drifting platforms we can collect carbon flux data in the form of particulate organic matter and dissolved carbon.

This data is valuable to gain an understanding of how our oceans affect the composition of our atmosphere.Second Star Robotics platforms are particularly well suited to this task due to their long endurance, precision buoyancy control, sensor payload capacity, and low-cost.

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